I strive to communicate the findings of my research to as wide audience as possible.

Radio, The Conversation, and other activities

On August 2018 me and Jeffrey Parker published a paper providing a potential explanation for mysterious the discoveries of Juno regarding the depth-extent of the zonal jets in Jupiter. I summarized our findings in a piece at The Conversation. Our findings attracted lots of media attention and in the weeks that followed I gave a few radio interviews about our findings.

ABC Radio Perth, WA Afternoons with Gillian O'Shaughnessy, 10 August 2018
Hope FM, Open House with Stephen O’Doherty, 19 August 2018

On April 2021 our research regarding trends in ocean eddies came out. I was invited to write up a little piece about our findings in The Conversation and following that, there were several radio interview request. For example, I enjoyed a lot chatting with Ruth:

Eastside FM, Monday Drive with Ruth Hessey, 17 May 2021

I often join the Breakfast show by Simon Lauder at ABC South East NSW and discuss about ocean-related issues.

For example, in April 2021 we chatted about the findings regarding ocean eddy trends:

ABC South East NSW, Breakfast with Simon Lauder, 29 April 2021

Four weeks later, I followed up a question that a listener had sent asking. The listener was wondering why at the coast of New South Wales the water temperature can drop dramatically when warm winds blows from the North.

ABC South East NSW, Breakfast with Simon Lauder, 02 June 2021

One other day we chatted a bit about tides:

ABC South East NSW, Breakfast with Simon Lauder, 28 July 2021

In August 2021, I was part of the Atlas of Life South Coast National Science Week (Aug. 13th-21st, 2021). I gave a lecture on August 14th titled “The ocean currents in a changing climate” as part of the symposium “Our East Australian Ocean Hotspot – What is it and how will it change our coastal ecology”. (Both the slides and the recording of the presentation are available.)

On June 2021 I begun working on my DECRA project to use machine learning algorithms to enhance climate and ocean models. I wrote up a pice in The Conversation explaining how machine learning can help in climate science. Then, next time we chatted with Simon we talked about this.

ABC South East NSW, Breakfast with Simon Lauder, 25 August 2021